Protein-rich dough


50% green split peas

50% green lentils



Grind the split peas and lentils into flour. The finer it, the better for the bees and add honey a little at a time to get a dough.

Then roll small balls from the dough and put them in the cupboard.

The bees in the hive need the proteins they get from pollen. The bees that are outside need carbohydrates that they get from nectar.

The proteins in the dough are the peas and lentils and the carbohydrates are the honey.

Good luck!

‍              30% Candipolline Gold

‍                    70% water

Dissolve candipollin in water and give to the bees in a bird drinking bowl.

‍    Candipolline water


70% honey

30% water

Dissolve the honey in water that is not too warm and give it to the bees.

Video about how to make the protein-rich dough for the bees.

For the recipe of the mushroom extract, please refer to the Mycobees website. Click on the logo to go to their website.

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