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Bee-friendly beekeeping

Who am I?

My name is Geert Steelant.

I've had a passion for nature since I was a child. Also in my professional life, more than 40 years, I have always worked in nature with many passions in a wide variety of activities, in different branches. For 10 years I lived and worked as a gardener on a castle estate in France, a real bee country.

There I met Antoine, a beekeeper from an old family of beekeepers with a tradition since 1851. Antoine managed more than 200 hives on his estate. One day I said to Antoine: "I would like to learn the profession of beekeeper". His answer was simple, but it hit me: "Being a beekeeper is not a job, it's a passion." Antoine lived and thought like a bee. He was a pure Warré beekeeper, with an enormous respect for the bee and her way of life. Through Antoine I learned everything about bees and beekeeping in a simple and above all natural way.

After a decade in France, I returned to Belgium with beautiful memories and a wealth of knowledge about bees and Warré. However, due to lack of time and place, beekeeping stayed behind closed doors for a while. In 2014 I had a stroke and after a long rehabilitation, I started beekeeping again in the way Antoine gave me. Because our bees are doing badly, I want to mean something in the beekeeping world and I want to pass on my knowledge to the younger generations.


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